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Fortune Tarot Coins

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Tarot Coins

Tap into your intuition to use the Fortune Tarot in any way that feels right.

Use your intuition and your imagination to add these coins to any type of Oracle reading.

Pull one coin from the bag, or shake them up and let them go! There are no ‘rules’ with these seemingly magical tokens of the 22 Major Arcana, they can be used to choose a significator, as guidance for your day, or playfully as a game.

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Using the Coins

Single Coin and Spreads

Tap into your intuition and imagination to use the Fortune Tarot in any way that feels right to you.

One Token: You may pull just one coin as a significator or as an influential archetype. A significator is used to personalize a session and can be chosen before a reading based on the person or question, or can be randomly chosen to give insight into the specifics of the reading.

You might also choose a single token for reflection or to gain clarity throughout your day.

Pull Three: one to reflect on your past, one to validate your present and one to show the whispers of your future.


Use ’em All: Shake the tokens and let them go!

Read the tokens that land face up. Remove all the face-down coins from the spread. Get your intuition into high gear and ask, ‘are some perfectly aligned? Which ones cover (block) others. Do some coins seem further away or ‘alone’? Have fun and embrace playful energy to develop your spreads.¬†
The tokens which land furthest to your left show the past; those in front of you are present, while those to your right, indicate the future.

Reading front to back: The tokens that land closest to you indicate the life arenas that are pressing in your physical world while those furthest from you reflect your spiritual journey. Anything landing on the floor indicates parts of your journey that are challenging or forgotten, now seeking resolution.

There are no ‘rules’ to the use of the Fortune Tarot, they are designed to be an add-on or a stand-alone in your metaphysical adventure. They are meant to be strong, real and solid in their ancient rooted meanings.

Basic Meanings

The 22 Major Arcana: Key Words

0. Fool A leap into the unknown. Pure potential and infinite possibilities. 
1. Magician The Creator and achiever of goals. The ability to manifest.
2. High Priestess Intuitive Knowledge. Inner voice, access to hidden messages and Universal wisdom.
3. Empress Abundance, love, compassion, and fertility. The creation of life, romance, art, or career. 
4 . Emperor Stability, order, and control. A firm foundation and healthy leadership. 
5. Hierophant Tradition, conformity and integrity. Social rules, red tape. A transmitter of wisdom. 
6. Lover’s Choice and commitment. Union, partnership, sharing, trust, and healthy relationships.
7. Chariot Focus and determination. Control of opposing forces. Effort, ambition, purpose and goals. 
8. Strength Inner strength, moral courage and patience. Calm clarity in times of adversity or healing.
9. Hermit Inner wisdom, meditation, contemplation, and reflection. Self-discovery. 
10. Wheel of Fortune Change for the better. A turning point or advancement, good luck and synchronicity.
11. Justice Honesty and Universal fairness without influence. Karma, balance, truth, and consequence. 
12. Hanged Man Metamorphosis or spiritual enlightenment by sacrifice or patience. New point of view.
13. Death Major transformation. Endings that transition to the dawn of a new era. 
14. Temperance Moderation, integrity and balance. The alchemical connection between physical and spiritual worlds.
15. Devil  Self-imprisonment and limitations. Negative thinking/self-talk. Addiction, manipulation and the shadow.
16. Tower Unexpected change. Disruption or the breakdown of structure. Storm before the calm. 
17. Star Hope and a bright future. Good fortune, spiritual happiness, inspiration and opportunity.
18. Moon Confusion or deception. Not all is as it seems. Hunches, psychic awareness, illusion.
19. Sun Success, fulfilment and optimism. Achievement, good fortune, health and happiness. 
20. Judgement Assessment, rebirth, renewal, awakening, a new phase of life. A calling or crossroad. 
21. World  Attainment, fulfilment, culmination. A cycle complete or natural conclusion.

A Tactile and Solid Archetypal addition to any type of reading

Reflecting on the Major Arcana

Fool standing at a ledge

0. Fool This joyful, carefree person doesn’t know how far the jump from the cliff will be, if it is worth it, or if he is ready. “Leap and the net will appear” is not always the truth, yet opportunity lies ahead.

Ask: Am I ready for the next adventure? Am I willing to take a risk? Is there anything I can do to be well-prepared and lessen the risk?

Magician with Ace of Spades and Tarot Coin

1. Magician The power to transform ideas into reality. The tools are ready to be put to work and it is time to make things manifest.

Ask: Where can I best apply my abilities? What is the most outstanding way to launch my new idea? What skills can I tap into to manifest now and moving forward?

High Priestess with Fortune Tarot

2. High Priestess Intuitive knowledge. The goddess of one’s inner voice and access to hidden messages.¬†

Ask: Is it time to develop my intuition and trust my inner wisdom? Am I listening to my head or my heart? Should I be weighing in on both?

Woman with flower crown and tarot token

3. Empress Abundant expansion, fertility and growth. Creativity,  love, compassion and empathy. Mother Nature in a healthy state.

Ask: How can I nurture my creative passions? What ideas are growing and ready to bloom? Where is my heartfelt compassion best served? 

Pawn with crown and fortune tarot coin

4. Emperor A firm foundation, stability and sense of control. Healthy leadership with strong values and rules to live by.

Ask: Can I be bold and tenacious in my decisions and actions? Do I have a solid plan? Am I feeling strong and balanced?

Pope statue and tarot token

5. Heirophant Tradition,  conformity and external social rules. A teacher and student, and the connection or disconnect between inner and outer spirituality. 

Ask: Is this a good time to seek advice? Is there something I need to do to get me to where I’m going? Are there hoops to jump through or red tape to be addressed before I can move on? What can I learn?

Lovers carved from marble with tarot coin

6. Lovers Important choices to be followed by commitment.  Union, sharing, trust, healthy relationships, partnerships. Being self-aware of promises.

Ask: Am I ready to commit to this decision? Can I keep promises I make to myself and others? Can I trust my inner wisdom to guide me?

First Nations girl with horses

7. Chariot Resolutions made with determination and focus. Control of opposing forces with grace and joining effort with ambition and purpose to achieve goals.

Ask: What goal can I achieve with a strong will? What circumstances are changing because of my intentions?

Woman and lion with fortune tarot coin

8. Strength Inner strength, courage, and patience. Calm clarity in times of adversity or healing. Keep your head on and your heart fearlessly open.

Ask: Where can I use love or compassion to solve problems? How can I use gentleness as strength without compromising boundaries?

Woman with lantern playing music

9. Hermit Access to inner wisdom through unhurried self-discovery. Insight from meditation, contemplation, and quiet reflection.  

Ask: Am I on the ‘right’ path? Who am I, truly? Can I hear the whispers of my Higher Self?

Ferris wheel and tarot coin

10. Wheel of Fortune Change for the better. A turning point or advancement as a new door opens and fortunate times lie ahead.

Ask: What more can I do to participate in this blessing? What areas of my life can benefit greatly?

Justice scales and tarot coin

11. Justice Honesty and Universal fairness without influence. The ability to be discerning without emotional influence. Clear and logical ideas and concepts.

Ask: How can I use my calm logic to aid a situation? What acts can I correct or undo? Where have I been swayed and how can I correct it?

Skateboarder upside down and tarot coin

12. Hanged Man Metamorphosis or enlightenment by sacrifice or patience. Willingness to wait in order to embrace the new Self. A different point of view may emerge. 

Ask:¬†Is there something I can give up or change to become a better ‘me’? How can I ease into change? How can I view things from a different perspective?

Shite rose bud and death token

13. Death Major transformation through unplanned loss or deliberately letting go making space for new growth. An ending to be followed by a beginning.

Ask: What is it that no longer serves me or is useful? How can I move past fear and resistance to allow things to pass? What opportunity lies beyond this transition?

Alchemy and blended beaker and magic

14. Temperance Moderation, balance and harmony. The alchemical connection between physical and spiritual worlds. A magical blending of elements and energy. Nothing too extreme.

Ask: Am I taking good care of myself in all areas? Where can I find greater balance? How can I bring the physical/material aspects of my life into better balance with the spiritual/emotional?

Bare feet bound in loose chains

15. Devil The illusion of fear or desire. Self-imposed limitations, negative thinking or obsession. Addiction, manipulation or unhealthy attachments. The shadow side – the dark side.

Ask: Am I aware and able to break free of my trap? What can I do to embrace and heal my shadow? Is there a situation that I may want to escape from?

Ancient Tower

16. Tower Unexpected change. Disruption or the breakdown of structure or old constructs. Sudden and dramatic, the storm before the calm.  Liberation can come through the pain of chaos.

Ask: Can I feel a build-up in an area of life? If things shift dramatically, can I find the pieces to pick up afterwards? Am I ready for big change?

Happy star windchimes and tarot token

17. Star New hope and a bright future are on the horizon.  Opportunities present themselves and can be realized with honest effort and goodwill. Troubles are in the past.

Ask: What opportunity can I reap from past experience? How do I best shine in my abilities? How do I nurture a humble nature and cosmic connection at this time?

Crescent moon

18. Moon Confusion or deception. Not all is as it seems. Not a time for important decisions – best to stick with creative ventures. Hunches, dreams, intuition, and illusion are high. Seek clarity.

Ask: Is there something I am missing? Am I being misunderstood, or am I misinterpreting information? How can I make good use of my dreams and intuition?

Young girl with sunflowers and tarot coin

19. Sun Success, fulfilment and optimism. Achievement, good fortune, health and happiness. Universal union leads to greater things.

Ask: Where are my gifts and talents best put to use? What initiative can I take now to further my success?  What abundance can I offer myself and share with others?

Trumpeting angel and tarot coin

20. Judgment Assessment, rebirth, renewal, awakening, a new phase of life. A calling or crossroad. Time to awaken.

Ask: Have I reached a moment where I can become more of who I REALLY am? Can I connect deeply to my Higher Self? Are there really infinite possibilities? What can I do to help others on their path?

Happy man holding globe

21. World Completion or natural conclusion. Completion or natural conclusion. Attainment, fulfilment, culmination. A cycle complete, prepare for the next.

Ask: As this cycle ends, what can I wrap up, leave behind and let go of as I face an amazing new beginning? How can I best design this next stage of my life? What rewards have I earned and what new adventure do I seek?

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