Fortune Tarot Coins

Daily Inspiration

Questions to ask yourself at the flip of a coin!
  1. First, set your intention for reflection for today, this week, or a time period of your choice.
  2. Then, click on “choose a coin”.
  3. Next, flip the coin and ponder the meaning of the Tarot Coin and meditate on the questions you may be asking.

If you have the Fortune Tarot, carry the coin you’ve selected for the time period you have chosen. Keep it in your pocket or wallet as a tactile reminder of your evolution on your spiritual timeline.
Touching or seeing your coin throughout the day helps solidify your conscious awareness in all things concerned.

Fortune Tarot Coin

Major transformation through unplanned loss or deliberately letting go making space for new growth. An ending to be followed by a beginning.

What is it that no longer serves me or is useful?
How can I move past fear and resistance to allow things to pass?
What opportunity lies beyond this transition?

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